Money laundering and terrorist financing continue to be big threats to the global economy and its security. They are still a high priority in the international financial and economic policy. The EU Action Plan as well as the establishment of the new EU AML Authority (AMLA) for a comprehensive Union policy and information sharingon preventing money laundering and terrorist financing is the effort to combat these threats in Europe.

But what are the challenges which the world of finance and business face? What channels do the money launderers use and what are their tactics? And how can it be tracked and prevented? How can banks, institutes and companies comply with the increasing AML regulations and how can technology and digitalization be helpful for them?

At the Global AML/CFT Conference, high-ranked officials and renown experts will discuss these questions and provide practical knowledge. The Global AML/CFT Conference is organized by the International Bankers Forum e.V. with the support of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).


    – AML/CFT – An International Overview
    – EU Action Plan on AML/CFT
    – Know Your Costumer – KYC
    – New World Order: Implications for Economic and Financial Crime and what Impact it has on AML/CFT
    – Decentralized Finance – Cryptoassets and AML
    – Non-Financial Industries – The Fight against Money Laundering in Non-Financial Industries