14th European SSM Round Table

The European SSM Round Table has been established as a high-profile Round Table to exchange views and feedback between decision takers from the banks involved and representatives of the ECB, SSM, EBA, SRB, ESM and other European entities. This time, top level experts from European entities and banks discussed current issues of greening economies and new chances for financial institutions and presented and exchanged their views within the framework of the 14th European SSM Round Table.

Selected speakers gave a deeper insight into their subjects and discussed the following topics:

»Sustainable Business – Financing Europe’s Green and Digital Future«

»Upcoming Regulation in the Post-Pandemic Era«

»Effective ESG-related Supervision«

»Efficient Ways Towards a True Green Capital Markets Union«

Information and Program

Date and time
Thursday, 11 November 2021

10.00 am – 4.00 pm


In cooperation with

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Gabriel Makhlouf
Governor, Central Bank of Ireland, Dublin
Bodo Windmöller
Senior Vice President Product Management,Regnology, Frankfurt am Main
Prof. Dr. Gunther Friedl
Professor, Business Administration – Controlling, TUM, Munich
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Günter Franke
Co-Chairman of the Advisory Board, Frankfurt; Institute for Risk Management and Regulation,Frankfurt am Main
Myles O’Grady
Group Chief Financial Officer, Bank of Ireland, Dublin
Cecilia Ronan
Chief Executive Officer, Citibank Europe plc, Dublin
Sébastien de Brouwer
Chief Policy Officer, European Banking Federation, Brussels
Jannik Leiendecker
Associate Director, Boston Consulting Group, Munich
Dr. Wilfried Paus
Co-Chairman of the Advisory Board, Frankfurt Institute for Risk Management and Regulation, Frankfurt am Main
Ed Sibley
Deputy Governor, Prudential Regulation, Central Bank of Ireland, Dublin
Jacob Gyntelberg
Director of Economic & Risk Analysis, EuropeanBanking Authority (EBA), Paris
Joanne Horgan
Chief Innovation Officer, Vizor Software, Dublin
Gerold Grasshoff
Chief Executive Officer, Frankfurt Institute for RiskManagement and Regulation, Frankfurt am Main
Dr. Thomas Gstädtner
Head of Division, Division Systemic & International Banks 2. Directorate General Systemic and International Banks, European Central Bank,Frankfurt am Main
Jasper Hanebuth
Chief Financial Officer, Barclays Europe Plc, Dublin
Lothar Jerzembek
Head of Regulatory Affairs, International BankersForum e.V., Frankfurt am Main
Brian Hayes
Chief Executive Officer, Banking & Payments Federation Ireland, Dublin
Nina Schindler
Chief Executive Officer, European Association of Co-operative Banks (EACB), Brussels
Paul Hiebert
Head of Division, Systemic Risk & Financial Institutions, European Central Bank, Frankfurt am Main
Dr. Carsten Lehr
Managing Director, Frankfurt Institute for Risk Management and Regulation, Frankfurt am Main


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